The Drugstore Princess is a Queen!

One of my FAVORITE places to save money is on beauty products. Not just getting free beauty products, but finding less expensive swaps for really pretty products. I love Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, and the high-end beauty products you find in Ulta and Sephora. But some of those things are REALLY expensive, and while I am willing to splurge now and again, I’d rather save the money.

There is an amazing, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE blog out there called The Drugstore Princess. This amazing girl finds swaps for fancy, expensive makeup and gives you a less expensive option for that one shade of incredible lipstick. 99% of the time, the matches are spot-on. You can request reviews of less expensive products, or submit a product that you would love to have, but can’t afford, and this cosmetic connoisseur will find you a duplicate of it in another brand!

Search by your favorite brands or by product, and find some AMAZING inexpensive beauty products out there.

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