Homemade Pore Strips

This is a popular post going around Pinterest and the blogs. You can find at least five different sites offering homemade pore strips (like Biore). I have no idea who came up with the original idea, but I would love to thank them.

Now, I used to buy these pore strips on a regular basis. I’ve always had enlarged pores, and it helped keep them clean. I also used to spend about $8.00 for a pack of eight strips, or about $1.00 a piece. 

I tried out a few of the recipes and tweaked them to my own liking. For example, the scent of milk and gelatin is, well, STINKY. I didn’t like it at all. I chose to use make a cup of hot tea and use that. You can choose whatever flavor you like and drink the tea you don’t use. I normally pick mint tea (very soothing) but lemon, chamomile, and green tea are fantastic as well and all boast antioxidant qualities that are great for your skin. Treat it as an opportunity for aromatherapy! 

Here is my swap for pore strips, using a cheap homemade syrup and tissue paper:


  • One box of unflavored gelatin (most come with three paper packets)
  • Tissue paper
  • Liquid (I use hot tea, but others suggest milk)
  • Microwave save bowl
  • Vaseline or lotion
  • Plastic spoon


  1. Wash your face well. You want the pore strips  to remove the icky stuff that is deep down inside your pores, not on the surface. I use an exfoliating scrub to make sure. 
  2. Get your hair COMPLETELY off your face. Every strand. The syrup is sticky, and it WILL remove hair
  3. Take Vaseline or lotion and smooth it over your eyebrows and hairline if you choose. This will keep the syrup from sticking and you won’t lose any hair. Image
  4. Cut up your tissue paper and make strips for your nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, etc.
  5. Open one packet of unflavored gelatin and put 1/3 of (about a tablespoon) it in a microwave safe bowl
  6. Add one tablespoon of warm liquid and stir vigorously. The gelatin may look like it is clumping up. Don’t panic, it will smooth out.
  7. Place the gelatin and liquid mixture in the microwave for TWENTY SECONDS on low or medium power.
  8. Stir the heated mixture until it is smooth and fairly uniform. If it looks too thick, add about half a tablespoon of hot liquid and stir until you are comfortable. You want it to look like a thin, syrupy mixture.
  9. Take your plastic spoon and dip it in the syrup. Use the back of the spoon or smooth the syrup over your face, ONE AREA AT A TIME. You don’t want the syrup to dry out between applications. 
  10. Smooth the tissue paper over the area and make sure it is flush with the skin. Try and leave a corner off it dry for easy removal. Stir the syrup between applications Image

*Note: I don’t usually use pink tissue paper, but I had some leftover from my Birchbox and saved myself the hassle of buying it. I do recommend using white so you will SEE what you are removing from your pores. I purchase mine at the Dollar Tree. 

10. Wait 15-20 minutes, until the paper feels dry and crunchy, and peel them off! 

11. Wash your face with a gentle cream cleanser and follow up with an astringent (recipes for homemade ones coming soon!). For an extra boost, stick the astringent in the freezer for a few minutes before you use it. The cold astringent will soothe your skin and help close your pores back up

12. Enjoy satiny smooth and poreless skin! I recommend using the strips once a week. 



Gelatin and tissue paper: $2.00 at your local dollar store. 


You can get NINE sets of pore strips out of ONE box of gelatin. One package of tissue paper will get you HUNDREDS – no joke! That’s $0.22 per pore strip instead of $1.00 for each Biore strip, or $1.76 vs. $8.00. That’s a savings of $6.24. You that’s enough to pick up an extra Frappuccino at Starbucks or a new tube of lipstick. 

See you next time! 


Melissa’s Comments:

  1. Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to make the ‘syrup’, but you can spread it ANYWHERE. The premade strips limit you to THEIR shape and size. Anywhere you get a blackhead or want a little smoother skin, you can use these! 


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