Freebie Friday


I think I’m going to make this a weekly post. Each Friday, I will post a new link for getting a free sample, birthday gift, etc

I’m going to start off this tradition with one of my favorite things to get for free: makeup. Namely, Benefit Cosmetics makeup. Sephora has a wonderful birthday club where you will receive high end Benefit samples on your birthday with any purchase. These samples include the amazing They’re Real! mascara and Watts Up! highlighter. I own both products, and lemme tell you – THEY ROCK.

They’re Real! gives you long, feathery black lashes that will really make your friends stop and ask if you’ve had something done to your lashes.

Watts Up! is a lovely, sparkly champagne color that flatters all skin tones and can make your cheekbones and eyebrows pop! It’s not overly sparkly, but gives off an awesome dewy sheen.

SPEND: It’s free to sign up!

SAVE: Watts Up! retails for $30.00 and They’re Real! retails for $23.00.

Sign up below, and you will also get exclusive offers for Sephora!

Coming up on the next Freebie Friday: Free stuff for Mom on Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Freebie Friday

  1. I’ve tried every mascara from Great Lash (sucks imo) to Dior (just eh for me really), and They’re Real is the absolute best mascara I’ve ever used. I already have long lashes, but this stuff gives me major volume with just a couple of coats. I signed up for the birthday thing at Sephora a while ago, and received my samples in the mail. I bought Watt’s Up and They’re Real cause they were simply the best products I had tried that were designed for those purposes. That’s the bad thing about some of the Sephora samples, some are so amazing that I have to buy the full size cause they get me hooked!

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