Exploring a Couponing Haul

Today, was a mix of boredom and enjoyment. Classes started back up for me and I suffered through three hours of Secured Transactions. The good part? I had an absolutely fantastic couponing trip today. I’d like to share it with you.


Kroger might be one of my favorite stores. They have a store card that has some amazing rewards. One of the most awesome things they do is send you free product coupons up to 4 times a year. They send them right to your email and you can add them right on to your store card. They’re for completely, totally, 100% free products with no purchase necessary! The best part? They track what you buy and send you coupons based on that! You can get some of your FAVORITE products for free!

I received 4 coupons this time and came home with FREE Lay’s Potato Chips, Dry roasted peanuts, Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes, and Kroger cereal.

Kroger also gives out Catalinas [coupons printed upon checkout] for store products, fuel points, and best of all, money off your next purchase. I happened to have one for $2.00 off my next order, expiring today. I decided to use it alongside my free coupons and pick up some dessert for tonight. I picked a box of fresh chocolate chip cookies from the Kroger bakery.Image


Lay’s Chips: $2.50

Bob Evan’s Mashed Potatoes: $3.99

Kroger Cereal: $2.99

Dry Roasted Peanuts: $5.99

Chocolate Chip Cookies: $2.99

TOTAL: $18.46

I SPENT: $.99! 


I love shopping at Walgreens. They have a great rewards program, too. They put items on sale and you get whatever money you saved back on your rewards card for the next time you go shopping. For example: Save $5.00 on your trip and there will be $5.00 on your card to use on anything you like.

Today, I purchased two sets of Venus Olay Razors (The BEST razor I have ever used and the new sugarberry scent is great! ), two sets of Venus Olay refills, a box of Lindt Desserts Chocolates, and a bottle of Wet n Wild nail polish.


Those products add up to a total cost of $69.62. Did I pay that much? NO WAY!

I had FOUR coupons for the razors and the cartridges. Two buy one razor get one cartridge free, and two $5.00 coupons. The razor cartridges were $19.98 each and two $5.00 coupons makes $10.00. That comes to $39.96 already – OFF my total purchase price! I also had a Catalina for $2.50 off my next purchase, bringing us to $27.16. But I’m not done yet.

Walgreens had a promotion going on that each purchase of Venus Olay razors over $20.00 would result in 3,000 points on your rewards card. My original price pre coupons was well over that, so I netted 6,000 points! I already had 1,000 on the card, so I will get $7.00 off my next purchase from Walgreens, bringing down my total to $20.16. which is about the price you would pay after tax for ONE box of razor cartridges. I got two, plus two packs of razors, chocolates, and nail polish.

I saved $49.46, just from clipping coupons from the Sunday paper.

No, it wasn’t a total freebie haul, but it was well worth the trip!

OVERALL COST: $88.08. That was the retail total for both my trips.

I PAID: $21.15

I SAVED: $66.93 

I GOT: Cereal, potato chips, peanuts, mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, two razor cartridges, two packages of razors, nail polish, and a box of premium chocolates. Roughly $1.92 an item – less than EVERY listed price for EVERY one of these items.


One thought on “Exploring a Couponing Haul

  1. I love shopping at Kroger. The extreme couponer in me, loves the coupons for free stuff that I normally pay for. Between that and getting fuel points for buying groceries, it’s the bomb.

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