Penny Pincher: Saving Money on

I sincerely apologize for having been MIA for a week or so! I have been busy with classes, taking a short day trip, and running a 5k to benefit a former professor.

I am working on a schedule of amazing posts to come, including upcycling leftover and hotel soap, how to get free beauty samples and earn points for more, and I am going to introduce a new feature here on The Happy Idiot – Copycat Cafe! I will be bringing you some of your favorite fast food recipes in an easy-to-make setting, saving you time and money (and sometimes calories!)

To set off the upcoming few weeks, I would like to tell you about one of my favorite Penny Pinchers – Now, I know what you’re thinking – Melissa, they don’t take coupons. How are they going to save me money? You’re right – and you’re wrong! Online shopping is a great way to find products in bulk, get used books and movies for a portion of the price, and locate some of your favorite products that you can’t get in stores near you.

Here are my two cents (bad dum hiss) on saving with Amazon

1. Find something you really want, but can’t afford it right now? Put it in your cart. Amazon tracks your browsing history and will send you coupons based on what is sitting in your cart. For example, when I want a new variety pack of K-Cups, I put it in my cart, and wait. Invariably, within about a week, I get a promo code offering me so much off my next purchase! It has worked for me with beauty products, textbooks, and more! You have nothing to lose – only savings to gain!

2. Keep your eye on Amazon’s Daily Deals. There, you will find coupons, special deals, and prices on EVERYTHING they have to offer. They even have a groupon-like service where you can connect to local deals in your area. Sign up to be emailed when your favorite things are on sale!

I’ll be seeing you soon – enjoy this week’s Penny Pinchers!

3 thoughts on “Penny Pincher: Saving Money on

  1. I’m doing my happy Snoopy dance and thinking about some chic-fil-a! I forgot to mention that i love the changes to your blog! I seem to really love exclamation points today.

  2. PS Thanks for the Amazon tip. I buy a lot of things from Amazon because other than Walmart, which I’m trying not to patronize, the shopping choices are really limited where i live. This was beyond useful info.

  3. You can also do the “subscribe and save” for household products like soap and bath tissue and cancel at any time. If you need shoes, they have an email list (or something) you can sign up for, and you’ll save 20% off your first pair, and various deals thereafter.

    I really needed a pair of new shoes (okay, I wanted, I didn’t NEED them) and ended up getting them free by signing up for an Amazon credit card (which I promptly cut up) and getting a free $50 gift card for doing so in conjunction with that 20% discount. Amazon’s a gold mine, I’m serious.

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