Finding Facebook Freebies

Facebook is one of the best places out there to get free samples. Everybody is on Facebook – and that includes practically every restaurant, company, and business there is. And they use it to their advantage. Take a look at TV ads and magazine ads, and they tell you to find them on Facebook for more savings. I do. I do it every single time I see an ad for something I might like.

All it takes is a simple ‘Like’ of a page, and you can wind up with free samples and prizes in your mailbox.

I ‘Like’ a lot of pages. So many pages that I created a ‘list’ on Facebook where I can scan and view them quickly, picking out any that mention free samples. For the majority of them, you just need to give them your address and you’re good.

In the past month alone, I’ve received over a dozen samples, including Mio water flavor, Tide pods, Folger’s Coffee, Nestle Ice Cream, and my favorite and latest, Almay cosmetics.

Take a look at this. I liked their page, and they happened to be having a contest to win a free tube of their new Color + Care liquid lip balm.  It took me ten seconds to do so, and look what showed up in my mailbox this week



One full size tube of brand new lip gloss in a rockin’ shade of pink*.

So find your favorite things on Facebook.You never know what they might give away!

*The color is ‘Blooming’ and had a great shine. Love it. Oh, by the way, know how much this would cost in store? $5.99



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