Easy Summer Dinner Options under $10.00

 know in the summer when it is extra hot, nobody feels like cooking, which can make dinner time a pain in the butt. I had one of those nights tonight. But I fell back on one of my favorite grocery store options – roast chicken. I love getting a roast chicken for meals because it is pre-cooked, and you can do so many things with it. Even better, most stores discount their chickens at the end of the night, so you can get one for a great price, like I did here! I paid $4.99 for something that will last me at least four dinners! 


I went with easy, on-sale options for this meal. This is enough food to feed four people!

Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes, $2.50

Green Giant Peas, $1.00

Fresh Bread, $1.29

Total cost for this meal? $9.78, or $2.44 a person. You can’t get a meal for that price ANYWHERE! And all you need is five minutes and the microwave! Easy, delicious, and extra easy on the budget!

What are your favorite easy meals for hot nights?

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