Make Your Own Monday: Homemade Astringent


Hello, hello!

Today for MYOM, I am going to share with you a staple of my daily beauty routine. I have oily/combination skin and I have tried so many different astringents. One day when I was tired of having to buy ANOTHER brand to find one that worked, I stopped myself. I decided to start researching astringents and see what the common factors were. Was I paying $5.00 a bottle for fancy water?

I came up with two main themes: something to soak up oil, and something to tighten pores. Then it hit me. My grandmother had been using those things her entire life. We have all of her old recipe books and things she did for weight and beauty – like drinking apple cider vinegar every day. But for her face she used witch hazel and alcohol.

I decided to try it myself and was absolutely delighted with the results. Because you are using only what is necessary to accomplish getting rid of shine and shrinking pores, you don’t have any adverse reactions to all the other chemicals in it.

And my favorite part – IT’S SUPER CHEAP!

What You Need:

One bottle of alcohol (I use the green kind with a touch of mint)

One bottle of witch hazel

One bottle of pure lemon juice concentrate

One empty astringent bottle (enough to hold at least 8oz of liquid)


Measure out 2 ounces each of alcohol and witch hazel, and add 2 ounces of warm water. Then add two generous tablespoons of lemon juice. Shake it up, and use a cotton ball! You’re done!

This stuff SERIOUSLY works wonders for me. The mint scent is so soothing, and lemon juice naturally helps with redness and discoloration. Mind you, I was addicted to the top shelf stuff from Ulta, so it is huge for me to make it rather than buy it.

Ways to Personalize It:

I use 2 ounces of plain water, but you don’t have to. Why not use 2 ounces of green tea? Or boil a cup of water with some rose petals to add a great scent to yours. Rosewater is GREAT for your skin and it smells AMAZING!

Let me know what you come up with!


I get my supplies at Walmart because they have them for the least price

Witch Hazel – .88 cents

Alcohol – .88 cents

Lemon Juice – .50 cents

That comes to $2.26 together. You can make 8 bottles of astringent with these supplies, making it a whopping TWENTY EIGHT CENTS a piece. 

I used to buy Boots Toner (with the same base ingredients here!!) for $8.99 a bottle. If I bought eight of those, it would cost $71.92. This saves me $69.66 every year!

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