Freebie Friday: Twice the samples!



Today, on an extra special episode of Freebie Friday, I have TWO samples for you!

First, something for the girls. Kotex is offering sample packs of their tampons and liners. The best part? You can choose what you want sent to you! There are over eight sample choices, and all of them come with a coupon as well! 


Second, and quite possibly my favorite, FREE K-CUPS! That’s a beautiful sentence. Keurig has a new line of Brew over Ice coffees and teas, and they want to share them with you. 

Go to and click on Brew Over Ice Sample Giveaway. Answer a few questions and watch a thirty second video, and boom! You have your choice of a box of new K-CUPS sent to your door, or a coupon. I think you can all guess which one I chose!



I hope you enjoy these samples and come back on Monday for a new post and what’s coming up here on The Happy Idiot. 



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