Thanks, Pinterest: Wipe off Menu Boards





I had the house to myself this week while my fiance was on a business trip to Boston, so I had to come up with a few ways to entertain myself. Aside from Netflix, a few walks, and eating out once or twice, I decided to do a couple of Pinterest projects. I am going to share them with you in a series I am starting called Thanks, Pinterest!

Most people know I am on Weight Watchers. I have had great success with it. The days where I have struggles are the days where I don’t know what to eat. I love food, and sometimes not having a plan can be my undoing. I realized that making a once a week menu would eliminate the problem. For about a month, I’d been using an old dry erase board to hang on the fridge. Until I saw this cute, simple, and (my favorite) inexpensive way to create a menu board. 


– Picture frame (I used 8×11)

– Pretty scrapbook paper

– Stickers for each day of the week

– Magnets

It’s super simple, and it took me less than ten minutes.

First, center your scrapbook paper within the frame so you can see where the edges lie. You don’t want the edges of the frame to cover up the words. 

Then, use your stickers (or do it by hand, whatever makes you happy) to write out the days of the week. I also put “Menu” at the top of mine, just because I couldn’t resist those cute little glittery letters. Be creative! How about ” (Insert Name Here) Family Diner”? 

Stick the scrapbook paper in the frame and you’re done! The plastic/glass of the frame works like a dry erase board and you can wipe away your menu each week!

I bought my craft supplies at Michael’s. There is almost ALWAYS a 40% off coupon in the paper each week, and if there isn’t, there is one to be printed out online. If you don’t have a Michael’s near you, I also recommend Joann Fabrics and AC Moore. They carry weekly coupons as well! 




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