Love This? Buy That! ELF lip exfoliator vs. Mary Kay Satin Lips



Anybody who knows me in person can tell you two things.

1. I love makeup and beauty products

2. I love saving money

This series, Love This? Buy That! will be combining those two loves and showing you some of my favorite dupes and bargain buys.

One of my daily beauty routines is using a lip exfoliator. I keep it beside the toothpaste and smooth my lips every night before bed. It is especially helpful in the winter when my lips really dry out.

I used to be a big fan of Mary Kay Satin Lips duo. I would get it a few times a year and pay the $18.00



Until I discovered E.L.F’s lip exfoliator. It is far and away the better product.



Why Buy?

1. It comes in a convenient lip stick tube. No more using your fingers or squeezing messy tubes. 

2. It has a fantastic, sugar-like grit to it that gently buffs away any rough spots

3. It tastes great! Imagine vanilla and brown sugar

4. It lasts SO MUCH LONGER!

5. The price. Know how much you pay for one of these? $3.00. 1/5 of the price of a Mary Kay set. And even better, you don’t have to order it from anybody – you can pick it up at Target or Meijer or even Ulta. 

Love smooth lips? Buy E.L.F’s lip exfoliator and save yourself $15.00!



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