Budget Hack: Grocery Store Gifts!

Turning a grocery store item into a great gift? It’s possible! Check it out.

Christa Clips

I love scented candles and like to keep some on hand for when an inexpensive “giftie” is in order. The ones at home decor stores are always so inviting with their pretty packaging and price tags which show how much we would have paid full price in a designer shop. One of my favourite budget hacks is finding a grocery store alternative to gift giving and today I came home with 6 of these Air Wick scented candles to use as upcoming hostess gifts. The sale price is in effect until Thursday, October 23, 2013 at the Loblaws family of stores if you’re interested in scooping some up, as well!

  • Regular price $9.99
  • Sale price $6.99
  • I paid just $3.66 each after coupons

Not a couponer? No problem! These tear pad coupons were right there on the display: no coupon binder or advance planning required. The key to this budget…

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