Veteran’s Day Freebies



Veteran’s Day is always a day of reflection and thought for me. I am from a military family. Both of my grandfathers served overseas in World War II, and my father and uncle are both veterans. I myself had military aspirations for most of my life, until they were waylaid by too many medical issues.

Though we should take time every day to be grateful for what we have, and for those who have fought and given their lives for it, Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to say “Thank You!” to these amazing men and women who are still here with us.

Many restaurants, stores, and businesses offer great freebies for veterans, active military members, and military spouses. The following is a list of a great number of those places – although I am sure there are many I am missing!

Coffee and Baked Goods:

Starbucks: Free brewed coffee for veterans and spouses

Krispy Kreme: Free coffee and doughnut

Coffee Beanery: Free Coffee

Coco’s: Free slice of pie

Einstein’s: Free bagel

Tim Horton’s: Free donut


Restaurants with Free Meals:

Denny’s, Red Robin, Chili’s. Applebees, Hooters, Golden Corral, California Pizza Kitchen, Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, On the Border, Perkins, Outback Steakhouse, Bob Evans, Famous Daves, Friendlys, Charlie Brown’s, Little Caesars, Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Sheetz, Texas Roadhouse, Uno’s.

Take your favorite veteran (or all of them!) out and wish them a Happy Veteran’s Day – and say thanks from me!

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