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Today’s first Featured Friend’s post is from Dara at Inspiration in Creation !

I love following Melissa’s awesome DIY Cheaper ideas and her great deals, so when she asked me to share some of my favorite ways to get books without totally annihilating my budget, I put together this list.  Most are ways to get digital books for your Kindle, but there are some great ways to get actual books for cheap, too, because as much as I love my Kindle, you just can’t beat a real, paper and glue book.

Great ways to get Kindle Books for cheap (or FREE):

Aside from just checking the Kindle Deals on Amazon or on your Kindle, there are some other great ways to find great deals.

Book Gorilla (http://www.bookgorilla.com/): This is my favorite way to get Kindle books for cheap service.  You register your email address, chose what genres you are interested in and then everyday it sends you an email with cheap and free e-books.  Some are less well known authors and titles (these are often the free ones), but I have also gotten some amazing deals on best sellers from these lists as well.

Feed Your Reader (http://www.feedyourreader.com/): This awesome website posts Kindle Daily deals, as well as monthly deals and other deals that Amazon has for Kindle e-books. The posts link directly to Amazon for easy purchasing.

Twitter: Another great way to get news about great book deals and giveaways (of both real books and e-books) is to follow book blogs, or your favorite authors or publishing houses, on Twitter. A few of my favorite book blogs that have great giveaways are Fierce Reads, Epic Reads, the Broke and the Bookish (all of which are Young Adult book blogs) and @toobusyreading, who often posts great giveaways .

Don’t forget you can download the Kindle App for your computer (and I think for phones) and read Kindle books without having a Kindle.

Ways to get REAL books for great deals:

Libraries: The old tried and true method of getting real books for free is still one of my favorites.  It’s a great way to check out new books and authors without having to commit your hard earned money before you know if it is worth it.  I often check things out of the library and then if I decide I like the series or book will keep my eye out for a great deal on a copy to own.  Most libraries also have book sales several times a year to make room for new stock, so that can be a great place to pick up books to own at an amazing price—and help your library make more money to buy more awesome books.  (And if you are like me, and incapable of returning your books on time, your fines serve the same purpose. J )

Book Stores: Used book stores are a great way to get actual paper books at a good price (especially if it is a book that has already been released into mass market paperback).  If you are picky about the condition of your books or don’t like pre-owned reading material, Barnes and Noble’s Bargain Books section is probably your best bet.  I have gotten all kinds of books that became favorites out of this section. 

GoodReads giveaways: If you like a gamble and are a GoodReads member (free and easy and like crack for booklovers) their First Reads giveaways are an awesome way to potentially try out books or authors that you wouldn’t want to spend money on because they are an unknown quantity.  Some giveaways have better odds than others, but you CAN win them.  I have several friends who have won books, and I won a copy of The House of Special Purpose by John Boyne.  Just check back every now and then and enter any upcoming giveaways that you find intriguing. 

Hopefully these tips are helpful. Feel free to follow a feature on my blog called Public Service Announcement: Great Book for Cheap where I let you know whenever I find any books I particularly love for a great price. Check it out.


Thanks for stopping by, Dara! 

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