Valentine’s on a Dime!


We all want to do something nice for those we love on Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to break the bank to do it!

Here are some great ways to treat your sweetie!


Groupon is the most amazing company! They offer “groupons” for certain services for a fraction of the price. You can check for special ones in your area, but there are also national deals for things like Cookie Baskets, massages, and gift baskets!

Penny Chocolate Truffles:

Who doesn’t love truffles for Valentine’s Day? But if you go and buy a big box, it can cost a LOT of money. For a mere $3.98, you can purchase the ingredients to make 36 custom truffles! That’s ELEVEN CENTS per truffle! This recipe from Kraft is great! You could add sprinkles or peppermint or fruits or whatever your sweetheart likes! Penny Chocolate Truffles

Oreo Truffles:

Here’s another variation of delicious Penny Truffles. All you need is one package of Oreos and one and a half packs of cream cheese! Smash the Oreos as fine as you can (or use a processor) and mix them with softened cream cheese. Roll them into little balls and put them in the fridge. Once they’re hard, dip them in melted chocolate. This will cost a mere $5.98 for FIFTY Oreo Truffles! That’s TWELVE cents a piece! Even better, Oreo has new delicious flavors like Cookie Dough and Krispy Mallow Treats, and old favorites like Golden and Birthday Cake!

Printable Buzzfeed Coupons:

I love Buzzfeed, and they are offering a really cute set of printable love coupons “That You Would Actually Want to Receive!” Or even better, make your own! All you need is some paper and a little creativity!

Store Gifts: 

If you still want to get them something from a store, use the amazing website Retail Me Not! They provide coupon codes for ALL your favorite stores and restaurants! Get them something they really want, and save a few dollars!


Want to make your sweetheart a great Valentine’s Dinner at home? Stay tuned for Part II of this post, featuring recipes from myself and some of my friends! You won’t want to miss this!

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