Meijer – Saving Money in the Midwest

In the Midwest, the best place to shop (as far as I’m concerned) is Meijer. It’s our answer to Wal-Mart, with a grocery store, gardening center, and home and apparel.

They have a fantastic program called mPerks, where you can clip electronic coupons and earn rewards by shopping. You get special coupons based on what you buy, and you can earn so many dollars off by buying a certain amount of or type of product. You also get coupons for a certain percent off your entire order!

I got a fantastic deal yesterday. There was an mPerk for buy one get one free shoes – buy any pair of shoes or slippers, get another pair totally free! 



Both my fiancé and I were in need of new gym shoes, so I jumped on the deal. I chose a pair of Skechers new memory foam shoes, originally retailing for $64.00. My fiancé chose a pair of sneakers retailing $39.00. If we paid full price, it would have cost us $103.00.

Even before any other discounts, that’s two pair of shoes for $64.00, which is awesome.

But thanks to mPerks, I saved even more. Just by shopping at Meijer, I had earned three coupons – two for $5.00 off, and one for $8.00 off. I could use them together, so that was an additional $18.00 off, bringing us to $46.00. But the savings didn’t stop there! We also used a 5% off our entire purchase, getting us another $2.30 off!

Our total out of pocket cost was $43.70, giving us a savings of 57%! That’s two pair of shoes for $21.85!

Do you have a Meijer in your town? Go to their website and sign up for mPerks! 

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