Manicure Monday – Snowy Day


I’m addicted to nail polish and nail art. I fully admit it. But it’s one of my few vices, and relatively harmless (save for my wallet) habit, so I decided I would start sharing my weekly manicures here with other polishaholics! I’ll show you some of the thinngs that I can do, my favorite places to find designs, and tell you where to find what I use.

I was feeling winter this week, so I went with a blue and snow theme. I used two brushes and a dotting tool for my work, plus my Muji .38 gel pens for decorations. I’m relatively new to using the gel pens, but it’s so much fun to add those little extra touches that make a HUGE difference.

Look at the detail on this snowman!


Polishes Used:

Background blue: Orly in Snowcone

Glitter topcoat: Essie Luxe Effects in Pure Pearlfection

Snow color: Julep in Bunny

Come back next week – I’ve got something special planned for Christmas!

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