Join Influenster!


I am a proud member of Influenster.

I’ve posted about the amazing VoxBoxes and perks that I’ve gotten as a member – like makeup and lotions, coffee and treats, all sorts of things!

But you might be wondering what Influenster actually is, and what I do. It’s an amazing website where you can review products, stores, restaurants, and so much more.

You can search for products and see what others have to say. If you’re curious while you’re out shopping, you can use the Influenster app to scan a barcode on a product and immediately get reviews on it! No more indecision in the aisles.

Doing all of these things gets you VoxBoxes and chances for giveaways and prizes. I’ve gotten 3 physical VoxBoxes this year and 6 virtual VoxBoxes, all for doing simple reviews! Just this past week I got $20.00 in giftcards from eBay!

You also get VoxPerks for being a member and answering questions – freebies and discounts and coupons for great online retailers.

And now is your chance to join Influenster and start earning rewards and VoxBoxes! Just follow the link below! And it’s free!

Join Influenster!

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