Juicy Fruit Starburst Gum


Juicy Fruit is known for their traditional fruity gum in the bright yellow box. But they’ve recently expanded their horizons and introduced a line of gums inspired by Starburst Candies. I was recently given two packages of their Cherry and Strawberry Starburst gums to review.

As soon as I opened the box, all I could smell was the amazing scent of cherry and strawberry. It was sweet and full and true to life, just like opening a pack of Starburst candy. I was struck by how incredibly soft they were, and how the flavor lasted for each stick.

I love anything cherry as a rule (it’s one of my favorite flavors of pretty much anything, as evidenced by my Cherry Wine Spritzer) but the strawberry was the clear winner. I remember how I would hope for the pink strawberry Starbursts in every Halloween bag or Easter basket – they’re the most popular of all the flavors, so who could blame me? The strawberry was wonderful, sweet and fruity, and that familiar shade of pink that brings back so many good memories.


I really enjoyed trying Starburst in a new format, and I know you will, too. Check out some of these other fun interpretations of the popular fruit chews.

You’ve probably heard of Skittles vodka, but how about Starburst Vodka? This recipe from Mix That Drink looks amazing. Or, if you’re feeling more like dessert how about Starburst Sorbet Bars? These are available in the freezer section at your local retailer.

Juicy Fruit has other great flavors if you’re into candy – they have a Sour Patch Kids gum in a few fun flavors!

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