Bella VoxBox – Thanks Influenster!

These are always one of my favorite posts to do – about my boxes from Influenster! New to Influenster? Check out my post here and learn a little more about them and what they do (and how YOU can get free stuff) and check out my previous VoxBoxes here.


This was a big box this time (yay!) so I have a lot to share with you. In this Bella VoxBox I received Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Rimmel by Kate mascara and lipstick, Eco Tools Mattifying brush, Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs, Not Your Mother’s Déjà vu Do hair treatment, and Club W wine.

The star of this box – for me, anyway – was the Dove dark chocolate covered blueberries. Wow! I’m not normally a person who likes fruit with chocolate, but these are really, really good. They were still moist and juicy and had a wonderful pop of flavor that meshed really well with the dark chocolate. Dove also carries a cranberry variety which I’m very interested in trying. For you fellow Weight Watchers members – only two points for ¼ of the bag, which is a really decent serving size.

On to the lipstick and mascara. I was hesitant about both of these, but they’ve won me over. The mascara has a really funky looking brush, but it works wonderfully. My lashes were very long and very pronounced. My only complaint was that it wasn’t waterproof  and it did rub off easy. But a little clean up and you’re good to go.

The lipstick was a rich, wine colored red and made me think of a very vintage style. I liked it a lot. It went on smoothly and it stayed on there – I even drank coffee right afterwards and no marks were left on my cup.

I have to tell you, I’m not new to the Eco Tools line. I own most of their brushes for makeup application, so that should tell you something right away. I love that they’re made of bamboo so they don’t ever irritate my skin and they’re very easy to clean. Also, they’re cute! I love the natural wood handle with the pop of color – which also helps me differentiate between brushes, knowing what color belongs to which brush.

I used the Mattifying brush to apply my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and it looks amazing. Great coverage. Here’s a picture of me with the lipstick, mascara, and use of the matte brush.


Not Your Mother’s is a really cool haircare line. I’ve tried a few of their products in the past, but Vu Do was a new one for me. It helps to make your hairstyles last longer. I put it on damp hair after washing and added a little curl to my hair. It really made it smooth and soft (and the apple berry scent is divine) but it was hard to tell how much longer it made the curls stick since mine normally stick around until I wash or brush them out. At any rate, I really liked it, if only for the softness and that scent.

I don’t use self tanners – I’m half Irish and I think I’m just meant to be pale. But, I liked the idea of using a little on my legs to give the illusion of wearing nylons. It worked really nicely. It spread easily and smoothly, and there weren’t any spots or splotches where the lotion didn’t spread out. It dried quickly, too.


Now for one of my favorite things in the world – wine!

Club W is a really cool online retailer for wine. You fill out a short profile and they make suggestions based on your taste.

Each month we’ll make new recommendations for you based on your Palate Profile. Go with our suggestions or make your own selections from our ever-changing assortment.

And the first bottle is free, so you can’t beat that with a stick.

I ordered three wines from Club W; the 2014 Loves Me Not Malvasia Bianca, 2014 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sauvignon Blanc, and the 2014 Thorn Blossom Orange Muscat. I think I’m most excited for the Sauvignon Blanc – it just sounds like a great summer wine to sip outside on the deck.

Try it out, and use the promo code Spring4Wine to get a free bottle! Visit them at

Thanks for checking out my review!


I received the Bella VoxBox complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my review. My opinions are my own and not influenced by any of the companies.

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